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Single Place Two Place
Cruise Speed 60-100 MPH 60-110 MPH
Stall Speed (No Flaps) 30-35MPH 35-40MPH
Stall Speed (Full Flaps) 20-30 MPH 30-35 MPH
VNE 105 MPH 120 MPH
Take Off Distance 150-200 Feet 250-350 Feet
Landing Distance 100-200 Feet 150-300 Feet
Rate of Climb 800-1500 Ft./Min. 600-1500 Ft./Min.
Guide Ratio 12:1 11:1
Fuel Capacity 5-10 Gal./Hr. 3.5-4.5 Gal./Hr.
Range 120-200 Ml. 200-250 Ml.
* All welding complete, Wing D Cell and al Components already cut, formed and ready for AFT section assembly
* Rudder is factory built and ready for covering
* Stabilator D - section is factory built and ready for AFT section assembly
* Vertical Stabilizer is formed and ready for mounting
* No customer welding or machining necessary
* Tools required for assembly: electric drill, wrenches, screwdrivers, pop rivet gun and Nicopress tool
* Time to build - 150 - 300 hours
Field Set-Up
* Requires two people less than ten minutes
* Only four wing bolts and one aileron push-pull tube bolt to install wing 

For further information contact: ZANKLITES Sport Aircraft (Phone) 715-568-2244 or e-mail donzank@zanklites.com