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Basic Aircraft Construction

* 4130 Welded steel fuselage semi monocoque construction
* Full flying tail (stabilator) with anti servo tab
* Vertical all aluminum monocoque construction
* StitesTM cover on rudder and aft portion of stabilator and fuselage

Wing Construction

* Aluminum monocoque construction cantilever structure
* Hydro formed 2024T3
* Spar caps 6061T6 aluminum web 2024T3
* Aluminum monocoque ailerons and flaps


Dimensions* Single Place Two Place
Length 18' 11" 19' 5"
Wing Span 20' 23' 6"
Chord 55.25" 55.25"
Aspect Ratio 4.3:1 5.1:1
Wing Area 93 Sq. Ft. 108 Sq. Ft.
Weights*Empty 250-360 lbs. 430-490 lbs.
Weights*gross 700-750 lbs. 1000 lbs.
Useful Load 390-450 lbs. 500-570 lbs.

*Weights and performance specifications are dependent on engine choice and other customer options and only represent a range of possibilities.

For further information contact: ZANKLITES Sport Aircraft (Phone) 715-568-2244 or e-mail donzank@zanklites.com