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Setting New Industry Standards for Ultralight Aircraft the Tornardo represents the latest state of the art design combining high strength, lightweight aircraft quality materials to provide the most durable, dependable and cost efficient lightweight/ultralight aircraft on the market today.

FROM: $8990

Standard Features

* fully enclosed for all climate flying

* Highly efficient cant cantilever all aluminum wing provides high strength and maximum resistance to UV degradation 

* 4130 Welded steel roll cage fuselage for maximum pilot protection

* Extremely responsive three axis controls (counter balanced stabilizer and ailerons)

* Full flying tail (stabilator rather than elevator stabilizer)

* Three position flaps to enhance extra short field capability

* Rugged composite landing gear provides durability and the most nimble ground handling in the industry

* individual main wheel brakes standard

* Durable Lexan windows provide exellent all around visibility

* Removable side windows for ventilation*

* Rear door access to storage area

* Optional Feature

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